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Our most successful services as demanded by our clients are:


AML & CTF External Expert Review.

We elaborate the AML&CTF External Expert Report in the terms established in Ministerial Order EHA / 2444/2007, of July 31. We provide value…


AML&CTF Training.

We organize training sessions on how to be formally and practically in compliance with Law 10/2010 of April 28 and Royal Decree 304/2014 of May 5 and upcoming regulations.


Due diligence reports.

We prepare due diligence reports of your counterparts (clients, suppliers, agents, etc.) based on public and private information…

prevención de fraude

Fraud prevention.

We assist in the implementation of specific controls or internal control frameworks to reduce current losses (both known and unknown).


Financial function optimisation.

We improve working capital within your sales and purchasing processes. We build and improve your credit reputation. We reinforce internal controls to guarantee accurate…


Crime prevention.

We assist in the implementation of corporate crime prevention programmes in order to understand the risks faced by your organisation and facilitate…

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Client Success Stories

Our professionals have made the following client success stories possible:

/. AML & CTF Dashboard

Together with the client we developed an AML & CTF (Anti-money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing) dashboard to manage both day-to-day and periodic reporting…

/. Corruption Red Flags

We elaborated a due diligence report for our client who was in the process of divesting assets. The client gave us initial information obtained from a prospective buyer…

/. AML & CTF External Expert Review

For an AML&CTF obligated subject, we carried out the External Expert Review covering more than 30 companies, including banks, insurers…

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